March song

Who is Mika?

Can you sing live your life?
Everybody wanna hold your hand
Everybody wanna shine that bright
Everybody wanna say they can
Everybody wanna live your life
Everybody wanna talk like you
Only wanna do the things you do
'Cause they always gonna turn out right
Everybody wanna live your life

Leonardo da Vinci


What does Susan love? Susan loves working with Dr Herbert       Where does she travel? She travels around the world Who does she travel with? Susan travels with Dr. Herbert What is Susan like? What is Susan always willing to? She is always willing to collaborate on Dr Herbert impossible inventions Is Susan sensible and practical? Yes, she is. Are Dr Herbert inventions possible? No, they aren't What is the most popular saying? Behind every ......

Dr Herbert

Who is a great aviator? Dr Herbert is a great aviator   What book does Dr Herbert appear? He appears in Guiness Record Book   Has Dr Herbert visited few cities?   No, he hasn't. Is Dr Herbert a researcher?       Yes, he is.   What jobs has Dr Herbert?      He is a professor and inventor What is Dr Herbert last creation? Dr Herbert's last creation is the time machine Who works with Dr Herbert?      Susan works with him What does the time machine allow Dr Herbert? It allows him to travel along and through time



Today, we have gone to the theatre with our 5th and 6th level students.
We have seen "The time machine". The play is so interesting and we have enjoyed a lot. 
We have sung and danced all the time with the actors.
And we have also participed in the performance with them as volunteers.
At the bottom, you can see some pictures and videos of our experience. 

In the story, there were two characters:

The story's plot is:

Here, you can see a video where the actors show us the songs and dances we have done during their performance:

Here you have our pictures and videos:

5th level EXAM 9th MARCH

This Friday, we have the next exam. We are studying the SUPERLATIVE adjectives and the COMPARATIVE ones. For the exam, we have to know:NUMBERS (1-999); ORDINAL AND CARDINALVOCABULARY: WATERLIFE GRAMMAR STRUCTURE: Superlative adjectivesIf the adjective is SHORT: THE _____ESTExample: Tina is the tallest in the classroom.If the adjective is LONG: THE MOST ________Example: Tina is the most intelligent in the classroom.GRAMMAR STRUCTURE: Comparative adjectivesIf the adjective is SHORT: _____ER THANExample: Tina is taller than Susan.If the adjective is LONG: MORE ________ THANExample: Tina is more intelligent than Susan.
GRAMMAR STRUCTURE: Frequency adverbsalways - siempreusually - normalmenteoften - con frecuenciasometimes - a vecesnever - nuncaSUBJECT+ FREQUENCY ADVERB+ VERBExample: Tinaalwaysplays basketball on Friday.

Here you have some examples for your exam: Complete with the superlative: - Whales are the heaviest (heavy) animals in the world. - Sharks are one of the most dangerous …

3rd level EXAM 8th MARCH

Hi everyone!! This Thursday, we have the next exam. We are still in unit 3. We are talking about food.
For the exam, we have to study:NUMBERS (1-20)COLOURSVOCABULARY: FOOD (It is on the notebook)GRAMMAR STRUCTURE: I like / he likesAffirmative:Ilikechocolate.Negative:I don't like cheese.Affirmative:Helikes ice-cream.
Here you have an example for the exam:WHAT CAN YOU SEE?      I can see three red apples.
    I can see four brown cakes.

LIKES AND DISLIKES I like cake and cheese. I like chocolate and fish. Idon't like bananas. Idon't like milk. Idon't like bread.
She likes pizza and chicken. She likes sweets and ice-cream.
To practise online, you can play those games: (remember to choose the FOOD topic)Vocabulary games: https://www.gamestolearnenglish.com/describer-english/ https://www.gamestolearnenglish.com/spelling-bee-english/ https://www.gamestolearnenglish.com/fast-english/ Likes and dislikes games: https://www.gamestolearnenglish.com/likes/ https://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.or…

4th level EXAM 8th MARCH

On Thursday, we have our exam. It's again about unit 3. For the exam, we have to study:NUMBERS (1-99); ORDINAL AND CARDINALTIME, DAYS OF THE WEEK and MONTHS OF THE YEARVOCABULARY: SHADOWS (actions)GRAMMAR STRUCTURE: CONTINUOS PRESENTAffirmative: Subject + TO BE + verb INGExample: Heis running.Negative: Subject + TO BE in negative + verb INGExample: He isn't running..Interrogative: TO BE + Subject + verb ING?Example: Ishe running.?REMEMBER: 
This exercise is an example for the exam:Heis catching a blue ball on Tuesday at a quarter to eleven. 
Change that sentence into the PRESENT CONTINUOUS:
Present Simple:          He plays football every day. Present Continuous:   Heis playing football now.
Present Simple:          Theydon't listen to music at night. Present Continuous:   Theyaren't listening to music now.
To practise online the Present Continuous: http://eslgamesworld.com/members/games/grammar/present%20tenses/present%20progressive%20hangman.html

6th level EXAM 7th MARCH

Hi everyone!!!
On Wednesday, we have an exam, because on Friday you are going on a excursion. We are working the PAST tense of the verbs and we are reviewing the previous grammar: past tense of the verb TO BE and superlatives. For the exam, you have to study:NUMBERS (1-9,999); ORDINAL AND CARDINALVOCABULARY: ADJECTIVES (2 columns)GRAMMAR STRUCTURE: Past of the verb TO BE - WAS/WERESaxon genitive: lion's head , eagle's wingsDescription using vocabulary and grammar.
GRAMMAR STRUCTURE: Past tense of the following verbs: write, speak, mean, understand, spell, learn, teach, tell, say, think, know, read.
REMEMBER (there is only one yellow card in each sentence)Affirmative: + Subject + verb (regular verbs+ED, irregular verbs)Example: He listened to the radio yesterday.Example: They wrote a letter last month.Negative: - Subject + didn't + verb (infinitive)Example: He didn't listento the radio yesterday.Example: They didn't write a letter last month.Interrogative: ? Did + sub…

February Song LIVE YOUR LIFE

Teachers love MIKA He is cheerful, dinamic and funny.

ATTENTION wanna = wants to live /lif/ (acción - verbo)   life /laif/ (nonbre - sustantivo) Everybody wanna hold your hand
Everybody wanna shine that bright
Everybody wanna say they can
Everybody wanna live your life
Everybody wanna talk like you
Only wanna do the things you do
'Cause they always gonna turn out right
Everybody wanna live your life